Molly's Creations

Welcome to Molly's Creations! As a future entrepreneur, I have big business goals in mind. One of which, is to have an online bakery. So this website will act as the building blocks towards that goal. Here, I will showcase some of the various baked goods I have made during my training at Southern New Hampshire University where I earned my degree in Baking and Pastry Arts.

In an addition to my baking business, I also have a crafting business. I attend several craft fairs in the East Bay area where I sell a variety of keychains, friendship bracelets, and pens with beautiful Duck Tape® roses on the ends. So, I will also showcase examples of this craft as well. And a couple of surprise bonuses: I will also include a gallery of my paintings on this website. In addition, another one of my passions is writing stories, so I will also include a page containing a link to my Wattpad page. So, thank you for visiting Molly's Creations and I hope you like what you see!

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