Duck Tape® Swatches

Reminder: I do not own Duck Tape® brand, or the images used to display pattern options. All rights go to their brand. Also, many of these patterns have been discontinued by the Duck Tape® brand so all patterns are while supplies lasts. Thank you!

Also, I have solid colors in numerous colors of the rainbow and beyond. If in the unlikely event I do not have the color you have asked for when placing an order, I will do my best to aquire the correct color.

Swatch Swatch Name Swatch Swatch Name Swatch Swatch Name Swatch Swatch Name
Crispy Bacon Print Bacon Black and White Sheep on a Green Background Bah Bah Sheep Yellow Batman Logo on Black Background Batman Blue and White Chevron Blue Chevron
White Hawaiian Flowers on a Blue Background Blue Flowers Blue and Pink Leopard Print Blue Leopard Blue Plaid Blue Plaid White Dots on a Blue Background Blue Polka Dots
Snowflakes on a blue background Blue Snowflakes Tye Dye with Purples and Blues Blue Tie-Dye Multicolored Flowers Bright Flowers Butterflies on a White Background Butterflies
Skulls in a Camoflague Style Camo Skulls Red and White Diagonal Stripes Candy Cane Candy Canes and Peppermints on a red background Candy Canes and Mints Candy Corn on a Black Background Candy Corn
Black and White Checkerboard Print Checker Cherries on a Checkerboard Background Cherries Dogs and Cats wearing Christmas hats Christmas Pets  red, white, and green trees on a green background Christmas Trees
Blue, Pink, and Green Cupcakes Cupcakes Denim Jeans Pattern Denim Pickles on a Blue Background Dill With It Dragons on a Red Background Dragon
Blue and Red Fireworks on a Blue Background Fireworks Black/Orange Hot Rod Flames Flames Pigs With Wings on a Blue Background Flying Pigs Frosty the Snowman on a blue background Frosty The Snowman
Galaxy (Blacks, Purples) Print Galaxy Different Shades of Green in Waves Green Waves Green and Black Zebra Stripes Green Zebra Lots of Gummy Bears Gummy Bears
Black and White Houndstooth Houndstooth heart shaped eggs in place of the word love on a blue background I Love Bacon Leopard Print Leopard Neon Tie-Dye Love Tie-Dye
Macaroni and Cheese Mac N Cheese Yellow Cartoon Figures Wearing Denim Overalls (Despicable Me Minions) Minions Minnie Mouse on Pink Polka Dot Background Minnie Mouse Black Mustaches on a White Background Mustaches
Neon Colored Houndstooth Neon Houndstooth Disney-Licensed Frozen featuring Olaf Print Olaf Orange and Yellow Tye-Dye Swirl Orange Tie-Dye Multicolored Paint Splats Paint Splatter
Red, White, and Blue Waves Patriotic Waves Multicolored Paw Prints on a Beige Background Paw Prints White Peace Signs on a Multicolored Background Peace Signs Peacock Feathers Pattern Peacock
Penguins on a Blue Background Penguins Pink and Green Leopard Print Pink Leopard White Dots on Pink Background Pink Polka Dots Texting Lingo on a Pink Background Pink Text
Pink and Black Zebra Stripes Pink Zebra Multicolored Polka Dots Polka Dots Purple Flowers on a Purple Background Purple Flowers Black Spiders on a Purple Background Purple Spiders
Purple and Black Zebra Stripes Purple Zebra Wavy Rainbow Rainbow Snowflakes on a red background Red Snowflakes Owls on a Purple Background Retro Owls
Multi-Colored Rubber Ducks on a Navy Blue Background Rubber Duck Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on a Blue Background Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Spongebob Faces on Yellow Background Spongebob Squarepants Orange and Black Tiger Stripes Tiger
Tinker Bell on a Black Background Tinker Bell Black, Red, and Pink Zebra Striped Hearts on a white background Wild Hearts Black and White Zebra Print Zebra Orange, Lime Green, and Pink Chevron Zig Zag